Trade most profitable ETFs with Harbor FX

Exchange Traded Funds

  • Stable exchanges NYSE and NASDAQ.
  • Take advantage of greater liquidity through hands-on trading.
  • ETFs are supported in options trading and short selling.
  • Enjoy greater transparency through daily reporting of the ETF’s holding

Most popular ETFs markets

–°ompetitive spreads and exceptional execution quality*

#SymbolFull nameContract SizeTick sizeCurrencyMargin, %Swap Long
Swap Short
Trading time
1GLDSPDR Gold Trust1000,01USD20-2-614:30 - 20:59NYSE
2VOOVanguard S&P5001000,01USD20-3-1214:30 - 20:59NYSE
3IWMiShares Russell 20001000,01USD20-1-414:30 - 20:59NYSE
4QQQInvesco QQQ(Power Shares Trust, Series)1000,01USD20-2-814:30 - 20:59NASDAQ
5VEAVanguard FTSE DM1000,01USD20-1-114:30 - 20:59NYSE
6SCHDSchwab US Dividend equity1000,01USD20-1-214:30 - 20:59NYSE
7USOUnited States Oil Fund1000,01USD20-1-114:30 - 20:59NYSE

* Pairs with RUB currency have a short trading session (From 06:00 to 19:50 GMT+0)
** – All systems have a restart time without execution and prices up to 10 minutes everyday at 21:00 GMT+0, but on Sundays the restart time is at 20:00 GMT+0
*** – Servers have a scheduled maintenance without execution and prices during 0-1 minutes everyday at 00:00 GMT+0

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