Since 2020 we are a young company with a lot of experience and we offer to our clients great trading conditions on Forex and Cryptocurrencies Markets.

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Our company employs people with extensive experience in trading and doing business in the forex market. Thanks to this, we have combined all the technical features of forex trading in our company. In Harbor FX, both beginners and professionals can trade freely, because we know what everyone needs.

Our liquidity is one of the best, as our clients trade in trading volumes from 0.01 to 100 it is important that the spread is always kept narrow and the order is executed at the price of the request to open a trade. Thanks to the TOP liquidity, we offer the smallest commissions for traders.

Liquidity, order execution time, Narrow Spreads, small commission and leverage changes are among the most popular conditions for a trader. That is why we have developed a unique software for High-speed execution of opening and closing orders.

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